Global Propulsion Service

is a company based in Poland near the Baltic Sea Coast close to Gdansk. GPS was established in 2012. We are a team of experienced service engineers who have worked for leading and global companies in the past.
As a result of our experience in the maritime sector, we are able to solve almost every task entrusted to us.

As Global Propulsion Service, we have experience in complete overhauls, inspections and maintenance repairs – we are able to cover the whole project as a full team. We can support our customer with qualified service engineers, technicians and mechanical fitters.

We have always in mind the satisfaction of the client. We are supporting our customers both before and after the overhaul. Professional, good recommendation of spare parts allows us to reduce the cost of the repairs while keeping the high quality of service at a competitive rate.

Brief History of Our company

Global Propulsion Service was founded by two ex Rolls-Royce Marine service engineers Karol Sobiechowski and Bartłomiej Grenz that have found place in Polish and global market for another company specializing in service and maintenance of maritime sector.

Before establishing of GPS they made another company – BoltingService – experts in  dynamometric tightening and tensioning of all kind of bolt connections.