We can provide service in three options:

Inspection in the dock:

  • Backlash and tooth pattern verification – upper part
  • Trust bearing clearance verification on horizontal shaft – upper part
  • Pressure test on gravity line
  • Clutch wear test
  • Input shaft seals exchanging on upper part
  • Od-box internal leakage test or exchanging if necessary

General overhaul:

  • Azimuth thruster removal from the vessel. Upper, intermediate and lower part.
  • Overhaul in the workshop
  • Parts verification
  • Machining if necessary
  • Backlash and pattern adjustments
  • Azimuth thruster installation on board.
  • Pressure and drive test

Inspection on the water:

  • Backlash and tooth pattern verification – upper and lower part
  • Propeller blades seals exchange
  • Propeller shaft seals exchange
  • Support bearing clearance verification on steering tube.
  • Separate pressure test on intermediate section

We are a specialist for the following types of the Azimuth thruster:


  • Aquamaster US 55 FP
  • Aquamaster US 155 FP
  • Aquamaster UL 155 FP/CP
  • Aquamaster US 175 FP
  • Aquamaster UL 205 FP/CP
  • Aquamaster US 205 FP
  • Aquamaster US 205 CP
  • Aquamaster US 255 FP
  • Aquamaster US 255 CP

Examples of repaired azimuth thrusters in reference to vessels:

  • Rene Descartes (compleate overhaul of Aquamaster UL 2001)
  • Tytan (compleate overhaul of Aquamaster US 2001 two units)
  • Taurus (compleate overhaul of Aquamaster US 205 two units)
  • Vega (mechanical inspection on upper parts)
  • Jascon 34 (thrust bearings exchange on upper input shaft US 205)

and many others …

On request we can send service reports from the vessels under our service or the projects were we have been involved personally.
We can provide training certificates from the Maker if necessary